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Welcome to part 2 of the beautiful Moroccan inspired elopement session that was part of the Sage & Dust workshop this past June out at the Wolf Willow Winery, south of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan right on the banks of the river. If you missed the first part (the reception feast and couples session on the beach) […]

Styled Shoot, Weddings

September 11, 2019

Moroccan Inspired Elopement in the Saskatchewan Prairies // Elopement Creative Part 2

Moroccan Inspired Elopemement Ceremony at Sunset
Moroccan Inspired Elopement in Saskatchewan Canada


Do you want all the “Moroccan vibes” without actually traveling to elope in Morocco? It can be done here in the Saskatchewan prairies!! Yes! You read that right! Here, smack dab in the middle of the Canadian prairies is a beautiful sandy paradise just south of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan at Camp Wolf Willow. It was the […]

Styled Shoot, Weddings

September 4, 2019

Moroccan Inspired Elopement in the Saskatchewan Prairies // Elopement Creative Part 1


Way back in the winter I started this idea of doing my own wedding styled creative with a bunch of Saskatchewan vendors!  The goal?  1. I wanted to showcase some amazingly talented Sask wedding vendors. 2. I wanted to meet and get to know more of these wonderfully talented vendors. 3. And lastly I wanted […]

Styled Shoot

September 5, 2018

Buffalo Pound Wedding Creative // The Details


Some days I like to go back over past sessions, and instantly I am overwhelmed by the support I have received with my photography!  I am blown away by the love and kind words you have all given me over the years as I learn new techniques.  So as I was going though a few […]


November 29, 2017

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