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I love going to the greenhouse! The smells, the sights, the warmth and best of all – no bugs! Over the years I have LOVED photographing sessions in a greenhouse. One thing I constantly get asked is “What should I wear?” Today I want to share with you what to wear at your next greenhouse […]

Engagements, Family, Grad & Senior Portraits

April 15, 2024

What to Wear // Greenhouse Edition


If you are looking for calm and cool, you have found it. Kendall’s grade 12 grad session was just that! Meeting down in the Wakamow Valley, Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan for his grade session was just the perfect location. With a mountain vibe with the trees and greenery and the pop of his red tie, this […]

Grad & Senior Portraits

February 23, 2024

Moose Jaw Grade 12 Grad // Kendall


Jada’s grade 12 grad photos were full of flowers, family and whole lot of love! Jada’s session started out at the Windmill Greenhouse here in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan. It was the perfect location for the first part of her session because with the beautiful flowers in the background, her black dress just popped off the […]

Grad & Senior Portraits

February 21, 2024

Moose Jaw Grade 12 Grad // Jada


Disney called…they are looking for Tat – the next Disney princess! Tat’s grade 12 grad session was straight out of a Disney princess movie! With her HANDMADE dress, this grad made her princess vibe session come to life! All we were missing was the little birds and butterflies to fly around her! With threats of […]

Grad & Senior Portraits

February 12, 2024

Moose Jaw Greenhouse Grade 12 Grade // Tat

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