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From the Saskatchewan prairies, to the Saskatchewan sand dunes, to the Saskatchewan forests, and anything in between, Saskatchewan elopements are quickly becoming a huge wedding trend for people that want to get married without the big fuss of a wedding day. Today I want to share with you all you need to know about eloping […]

Couples, Education, Elopements, Engagements, Weddings

April 14, 2023

All You Need to Know About Eloping in Saskatchewan

Places to elope in Saskatchewan


Attention Photographers and brides to be! The veil toss takes some coordination and time, but if you can get it, and have time for it, it’s magical and can make for some pretty beautiful images!! Here are tips on how to get the perfect veil toss photo! Tips for the brides if they want the […]

Education, Elopements, Weddings

April 19, 2022

How to get the Perfect Veil Toss Photo


It was a sunny but CHILLY day when Kimberly and Paul eloped on the University grounds in Regina, Saskatchewan. This winter elopement was so full of joy, laughter, and goosebumps. (Not only because of how cold it was, but how beautiful this whole day was!) I met these two love birds on the pathways of […]

Elopements, Weddings

March 11, 2022

Regina Winter Elopement // Kimberly + Paul


Are you creating your own wedding invitations? Not sure what to write? Who’s name goes first? What information do you need to include? Do we need those extra information cards? Oh boy, it can sure get overwhelming! What do you put on your wedding invite? The wording of your invitation should reflect the overall vibe […]

Education, Elopements, Weddings

March 5, 2022

What to put on Your Wedding Invite!

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